Floatdene uses a proprietary methodology (‘Powered by’ ASAP) and approach to SAP end-user training which has been developed over the past decade based on best practice and our own experience.

The ‘Powered by’ ASAP methodology is based on Accelerated-SAP (ASAP), and is subject to regular peer review with enhancements introduced where these complement the effectiveness of the training programme (e.g. to take advantage of new learning technologies, or to ensure a more robust business as usual training solution).

‘Powered by’ ASAP from Floatdene includes various accelerators designed to ensure rapid development and best practise implementation on every SAP training project.

Covering key deliverables such as training strategy, training needs analysis and course outline through to post-go-live support & continuous change.

Covering progress reporting, content development tracking, training delivery schedule templates, and several other key areas.

A course library including standard concepts, terminology, process illustrations and animations.