A “traditional” e-learning development process (six-weeks or longer) just doesn’t work for a SAP project. It is not that SAP e-learning isn’t often the right option,  it is more than it is simply too slow to incorporate within a dynamic SAP project environmen

To deliver rapid e-learning for SAP, we use several SAP e-learning/content development tools that have become the “industry standard” for SAP training projects. Used effectively, these solutions allow us to design, develop and deliver quality e-learning in days not weeks.

SAP Workforce Performance Builder

SAP WPB is SAP’s proprietary software, and probably the best rapid development solution we use for SAP e-learning, documentation and user support.  Owned by SAP themselves and built with the SAP project in mind, it covers all bases from a simple wizard-based capturing tool for subject matter experts, a powerful authoring environment for professional developers, and a multitude of other features catering for the entire project lifecycle (see our SAP WPB pages for more information.)

Ancile uPerform

Also sold as SAP Productivity Pak, this is another specialist SAP content development tool for SAP projects. uPerform for SAP has been used extensively by SAP customers over the years for documentation and user support and is fundamentally a good development platform. However, we feel that SAP WPB now offers more relevant functionality and some customers may favour SAP WPB where more flexibility is required for customisation for example.

Oracle UPK

Formerly OnDemand from Global Knowledge, Oracle UPK has an historical SAP client base which includes a few of our own customers. It offers a good development environment, although now as part of Oracle it will obviously be more strategically aligned to Oracle customers.

Adobe Captivate

The defacto industry standard for e-learning tool although not as widely used for SAP projects. It has some nice e-learning features, and can produce a very polished output, but we find the development time is longer than the rest and it does not have the same project-based feel as the others. For example, there is very limited documentation that can be created.