How contractors can add value to your business

For some industries contractors have been a key and strategic resource which have been an integral part of how they develop their business and how they manage long-term and short-term growth. While some organisations see contractors solely as a means of plugging planned and unplanned staffing shortfalls, others have employed contractors as a significant force for change. For some industries and companies though, contractors are only just becoming a viable and valuable source of expertise.

What to look for when interviewing contractors:

  • They have the skills and experience to do the job
  • They are confident and assertive, without being too pushy or arrogant
  • They are likeable and can work with people of different levels and personality types
  • They are clearly focused on delivery and success
  • They have good communication skills, can motivate others and are not afraid to listen
  • They are inquisitive and not afraid to ask questions
  • They have a proven track record in your industry and with similar projects
  • They are commercially aware

What to be careful of:

  • They are too focused on how they can benefit rather than how you will benefit
  • They are overly creative when talking about previous experience
  • They talk too much and like the sound of their own voice
  • They are too forceful with their opinions
  • They are focused purely on the project and do not consider the commercial implications of delivery
  • They are not open to other perspectives
  • They lack flexibility
  • They do not ask questions about your company or look to learn more about the project/assignment